ABB Explosion-Proof Motors

Ensuring safety & high performance in challenging environments.

  • Expertly designed explosion-proof motors & generators.

  • Products suited for industries such as oil and gas, mining, and chemical.

  • Broad range of all protection types and levels

  • Series 62 or 63 bearings from dependable manufacturers.

  • Dedicated project management for complex projects

  • Support through the whole lifecycle - project management to global certified service network

Performance Range

Flameproof motors & Flameproof motors for underground mining

0.18–950 kW

IEC 80 to 450

M3JP, M3KP , M3JM (for underground mining)

Ex db IIB or C T4 Gb, Ex db I Mb

IE2, IE3, IE4

230-690V 50/60HzDirect on-line and VSD

Direct on-line and VSD

B3, B5, B14, B34, B35

-55°C - +60°C

IC411 as standard

IP55 (optionally IP56, IP65 and IP66)

IECEx and ATEX certified range, wide range of local certificates available

Low Voltage Flameproof Motors

Industry-leading flameproof motors for extreme working environments

Superior protection with ABB Flameproof motors in explosive atmospheres

  • Certified ATEX and IECEx compliant motors

  • Designed specifically for explosive atmospheres

  • Assurance of safety without compromising efficiency

  • Wide range catering to diverse industry needs

  • Ex db with both flameproof cast iron frame and terminal box

  • Ex db eb with flameproof cast iron frame and increased safety terminal box

  • Certified for gas groups IIB and IIC

  • Temperature class T4, optional T5, T6



Frame Size




Ambient Temperature



Voltage / Frequency

Efficiency Class