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Low Voltage AC Drives

To boost the productivity of your processes, improve energy efficiency and cut maintenance costs, you can rely on our broad portfolio of low voltage AC drives to deliver just that.
The portfolio covers the complete spectrum of drives.

From micro and machinery drives for machine building to industrial drives for controlling processing lines, all the way up to industry specific drives with purpose-designed features and functionality. ABB drives are available directly from stock or can be built to order to meet more complex requirements. Our life cycle services ensure your processes run exactly as you expect, year after year.


AC-drive application program

Inertia compensation
The inertia compensation is used to compensate for the inertia of the roll during acceleration and deceleration.

Friction compensation
The friction compensation is compensating for the friction coming from the bearing, seals etc.

Speed reference evaluation
This function calculates the speed deviation and evaluates it against and adjustable deadband. There are two limits in the torque limitation function: Either when the speed deviation is within or outside the deadband. In this way the system can compensate inaccuracy of the speed reference e.g. difficulties in knowing the forward slip in the mill.

These special adaptions makes it possible for ABB to deliver a drive system with perfect synchronism between the roll and the strip.