Cement Mills

Improved Productivity, Sustainable and Safe!

AIA Engineering Ltd. and Vega Industries are world leaders in manufacturing wear parts for cement plants. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry and continuous investments get our customers best in class grinding efficiency, better productivity and sustainable operations.

Mill internal design plays an important role in production efficiency. They not only protect the mill shell but also transfer the energy from the mill shell to the rotating charge of grinding media. The internal castings contribute upto 5% of the ball mill operating cost while the remaining 95% is from energy.

AIA Engineering Ltd. /Vega Industries products follow the golden triangle philosophy of Design, Metallurgy and Application for tailor-made solutions based on multiple parameters such as feed characteristics, product specification and operating conditions resulting in

  • Improved operating life and mill availability.

  • Savings in power consumptions to the tune of 5 – 10%.

  • Savings in operations and maintenance costs

  • Ease in installation with bolted and semi boltless configuration

Vertical Mill Liners -Tube Mill Liners

Vertical Mill Liners -Grinding Roller Tyre

AIA Engineering Ltd. /Vega Industries have been at the forefront of developing solutions for vertical mill castings for all applications, types and makes, constantly upgrading on its own products.

The latest innovation V cast addresses the industry demand for a suitable solution for highly abrasive applications. This is a result of focused field and R & D efforts, resulting in following demonstrated benefits.

  • Improved wear life

  • Smoother mill operations

  • Easy adaptability to varying operational demands

  • Higher mill availability

  • Consistency in operational and performance parameters