NEMA Motors

Exceptional performance and safety for the most demanding industries

Severe Duty

  • For harsh environments in industry such as petrochemical, pulp and paper, and wastewater treatment.

  • Next-generation efficiency and performance available in our SD200 and SD200 IEEE models.

  • SD family consists of 100 series, 200 next-generation series and sub-lines 661 that meets API standards that meets or exceeds.

General Purpose

  • General Purpose NEMA motors are designed and built to be operated in a variety of commercial and industrial environments.

  • Many applications such as fans, compressors, pumps, conveyors.

  • Aluminum housing for lightweight and robust cast iron housing for durability.

Explosion Proof

  • Designed for Division 1 hazardous locations.

  • XP100 1D1 is only for gas (Division 1, Class I, Group D).

  • Available also in JP pump design (JP shaft and flange (182JP 215JP).

Specialty Pump

  • HP100 is a normal thrust vertical pump motor.

  • LP100 is vertical pump motor for high and very high thrust applications, also as fully compliant with API610 requirements.

  • DP 200 HPS is our next-generation horizontal pump system.

  • Designed for long, trouble-free life in the harshest environments from oil and gas to petrochemical and wastewater treatment.