Controlled Start Transmission (CST)

With DODGE® CST drives, you can achieve consistent, controlled starts and stops no matter environmental conditions or varying loads.

On long conveyors using multiple drive systems, the CST offers excellent load distribution, torque-limiting characteristics, and maximum engine power availability throughout the controlled speed profile.

The Dodge CST (Controlled Start Transmission) is a 2 in 1 gearbox which combines a planetary gear reducer with an integral wet clutch system. When coupled to an AC induction motor the CST gearbox converts the motor’s high-speed, low-torque input to a low-speed, high-torque output, suitable for direct coupling to a high inertia load, such as a conveyor belt pulley.

The Dodge CST drive package is a very cost effective solution, engineered specifically to deliver total control of the most difficult high inertia loads such as long conveyor belts and conveyors with multiple synchronized drives.

The CST drive provides efficient transmission of motor power and torque with consistent smooth start-up and shut-down, regardless of varying loads on the conveyor or ambient conditions.

CST load sharing performance is unsurpassed even when a system requires multiple drive stations such as tripper drives.

System Benefit

Controlled acceleration and deceleration ramps


System Features


  • Parabolic starter curves.

  • Adjustable acceleration times.

  • Deceleration ramps (not braking ramps).

  • Service

  • Cooling system designed for repeated starts.

  • The drive motor can be left running between starts.

  • Voltage drops are minimized by starting motors in sequence where multiple drives are used.

  • Reduction in kW demand due to no-load motor starting.

Power Grid

  • Idle starts.

  • Frequent engine starts are eliminated.

  • Used up to the engine's breaking torque, when necessary, without oversizing required.


  • Protected against shocks by the clutch mechanism.

  • Efficient planetary design.



  • The hydroviscous clutch located at the outlet of the CST absorbs transient shocks.

  • Parabolic acceleration ramp minimizes stress on belts and pulleys.

  • We have the capacity to carry out complete projects.