Kumera Multi Stage Helical and Bevel-Helical Gearboxes

Kumera F-, G-, D- Series- Multipurpose Gearbox Range

The range consist of F-, G- and D-series which are optimally divided to meet the torque and ratio requirements. All the sizes are available in helical and bevel-helical versions and can be equipped with either solid or hollow output shaft. The modular structure of the gearboxes enables the installation of additional equipment onto the gearbox. Thus a single gearbox can be transformed into a variety of applications and mounting arrangements.

Kumera Multi Stage Helical and Bevel-Helical gearbox range includes 20 gearbox sizes from two- to five-stages.

Technical Data:

  • Nominal torque rating 0,5 – 610 kNm

  • Nominal power rating up to 11 000 kW

  • Ratios from 5,6:1 to 3550:1 (Catalogue gear ratios)

  • 20 gearbox sizes ; shaft center distances from 80 mm to 710 mm

  • Weights from 20 kg to 11 000 kg

Drive Unit System

Supply delivered with Electric Motor, Couplings, Gearbox, Backstop, Fan, Base frame, Guard, Torque Arm