The multi-purpose textile belt for general to highly demanding applications

Multitrans can be combined with any type of cover grade to make it a perfect match to almost any application. This allows Multitrans to convey basically any type of product in any environment, from fine powders to large lumps, from dry to greasy materials, from extremely cold to very hot conditions.

Multitrans conveyor belts are widely used by the mining and processing industries for transporting bulk or lumpy materials such as aggregates, sand, clinker, ore, chemicals, coke, crops, construction materials and much more.

  • Textile belt construction.

  • Two to six EP or PP fabric plies (EP – polyester warp and polyamide weft or PP – polyamide in weft and warp).

  • Supplied either with cut or moulded edges.


Technical Details

Multitrans conveyor belts can be produced in multiple nominal belt strength classes, guaranteeing:

  • High longitudinal and transverse breaking strength.

  • Transversal flexibility for excellent troughing and ply adhesion.

PP belts (polyamide warp/polyamide weft):

  • Excellent elasticity

  • High impact resistance

  • Full resistance to mildew, moisture and rotting

  • Good flexibility and troughability

EP belts (polyester warp/polyamide weft):

  • Low elongation.

  • Short take-up lengths.

  • Full resistance to mildew, moisture and rotting.

  • Good flexibility and troughability