Belt Protection

Standard Impact Bed

  • Suitable for ordinary belt conveyor.

  • Simple and convenient installation and maintenance.

  • Suitable for hard working conditions with high drop position and large material.

  • Simple and convenient installation and maintenance.

Belt Tracker / Adjuster

Misalignment of conveyor belts is a common problem, which can cause various problems, from damage to conveyor belts and frames to material overflow and safety issues. The FA compound high-efficiency belt tracker can automatically regulate the deviation of the belt, and ensure the normal running of the belt machine.

Please don’t mistake our FA composite high-efficiency deviation correction device for a conventional belt conveyor deviation correction device. Our device has a unique design of rotatable and liftable, which can react and correct for belt deviation more quickly, ensuring that the belt does not run out of the frame and that the materials stay on the belt. Therefore, the device can provide a long-lasting solution to the problem of faulty conveyor belts and belt deviation.

Heavy Duty Impact Bed

Adapting polymer composite rollers, instead of ordinary metal rollers, which have remarkable application effects on wear resistance, corrosion resistance, not sticky, high impact resistance, saving energy consumption, and extension of the service life of belt conveyor.

Functional Lider