Belt Washbox

According to the requirements of working conditions, a high-pressure water spray system is used flexibly so as to remove viscous and fine particulate materials.

According to the requirements of working conditions, the compressed air shower system is used flexibly to achieve rapid drying of the conveyor belt

On Site Case

The cleaning box integrates functions such as flushing, softening, cleaning, de-watering, and drying, can thoroughly clean the surface of the conveyor belt. The product is widely used in industries such as metallurgy, mining, ports, steel mills, and coking plants. It is recommended to use the belt cleaning box system together with the belt cleaner to achieve the best cleaning effect.


  • The high-pressure water mist system can soften the material while washing away the adhesive tape, making it easier to clean.

  • It reduces the accumulation of debris at the front end of the cleaner blade and improves its cleaning efficiency.

  • It reduces the friction and wear between the blade and the belt surface, protecting the belt and prolonging the lifespan of the blade.

  • The three-stage automatic cleaning technology for the returning belt ensures comprehensive cleaning without dead angles.

  • The high-pressure air knife dries the belt surface after cleaning, leaving no residual moisture.

  • The design of the inspection door facilitates maintenance and inspection of the cleaning box and prevents wastewater leakage.

  • The drainage funnel can be customized for strong on-site adaptability.

  • The cleaning box can be flexibly configured according to user requirements, including the number and type of cleaner blades, air knives, etc., achieving high efficiency while meeting user needs.