Intelligent Detection

Bell Speed Detector

It is mainly used for real-time detection of the running speed of the belt conveyor. When the belt conveyor being stalled, this product can send out an alarm signal in time to prevent serious accidents caused by slipping between the conveyor belt and the main roller.


  • The detection delay function can be set according to the device startup characteristics.

  • Using non-contact detection, the detection distance can reach 20mm.

  • Wide detection range: 2-1000rpm.

Belt tear detector is a protective device to detect and alarm the longitudinal tear of conveyor belt. It is used for automatic alarm or emergency stop when the conveyor belt is torn, punctured, damaged at the junction or sharp objects protruding out of the conveyor belt.


  • Trigger within 90 degrees range, full protection.

  • Action stroke is less than 5 codes, detection blind area is as small as 1cm.

  • Self-detection function, which can be replaced in time when it is accidentally damaged.

Belt Tear Detection

Address Encoder

Address encoder is an address coding device. It is a device that can add address coding function for other electrical products. It can be used with any conveyor protection device with switch output.


  • It can be used with any conveyor protection device with switch output.

  • It can detect the operating status of various protection switches in real time, and can accurately display the location of the fault.