Primary Belt Cleaner

Primary Cleaner/Scraper with Polyurethane Blade HD Type

The primary cleaner can remove 60% - 80% of the attached materials on the surface of the return belt, and return the cleaned materials to the next stage belt along with the materials.

The blade is made of imported polymer synthetic material, its hardness is close to that of rubber, does not damage the belt and the belt buckle, and has excellent wear resistance, which can meet the requirements of different working conditions.

The specially designed blade profile can not only meet the product service life requirements in various working conditions, but also achieve a constant cleaning effect during the entire blade life cycle.

Integrated blade design, easy to maintain and replace.

Primary Cleaner/Scraper with Polyurethane Blade MHD Type

The spring tension device is adopted to ensure that the tension of the cleaner can be automatically compensated after the blade is worn.

Primary scraper HD type is installed on the head unloading roller of belt conveyor, used to remove the material that adhered to the surface of the belt, to reduce the stripping material in the return period, and reduce the labor costs.

Primary Cleaner/Scraper with Tungsten Blade