Secondary Belt Cleaner

Primary Cleaner/Scraper with Tungsten Blade

The secondary cleaner together with the primary cleaner can remove 90% - 95% of the attached materials on the return belt surface, and return the cleaned materials to the next stage belt along with the materials

The blade of the secondary cleaner adopts imported hard alloy material, which can effectively remove the small/fine and viscous materials on the surface of the belt. The base is made of buffer rubber material, which can absorb the impact caused by uneven belt surface.

The tension of the cleaner is adjusted by a screw rod, which is convenient and quick.

Product Function and Application:

Secondary scraper HD type is installed on the head unloading roller of belt conveyor, used to remove the material that adhered to the surface of the belt, to reduce the stripping material in the return period, and reduce the labor costs.

Product Characteristics:

  • Scraper blade uses carbon tungsten alloy material, with excellent wear resistance, good cleaning effect for mud and sticky materials.

  • Scraper blade vertically contacts with the belt, the blade base is elastic material, and the belt and belt joint will not be damaged in use.

  • The structure of scraper blade is compact, installation and routine maintenance are simple, fast and convenient.